Artistic Spirit History

Our organization is made up of over 70 artists and artistic artisans who create:

Antique furniture reproductions
Architectonic details
Artistic fireplace mantels
Classic sculpture in marble and bronze
Fresco art
Inlaid works
Ornaments in marble
Modern sculpture
In the above areas, we have created literally thousands of artistic works. Therefore, for any particular requirement you may have, we can undoubtedly offer you the very best solutions at the most convenient conditions.

We also have an Expert Decorator who is part of our group, Mr. Vincenzo Rossi. Mr. Rossi is an expert in traditional Tuscan home decoration. Learn more about us here.  He has decades of experience in decorating some of the finest homes that can be found world-wide. The role of Mr. Rossi is to harmoniously combine the decoration elements we create in the context of the client’s home to realize complete interior solutions that are not only of the highest order, but are perfectly in line with the character of the client and the ‘feeling’ that the same wants to achieve in his or her abode.

Furthermore, we have a select Collection of Antiques available for sale. These antiques can often complement our artworks and their wise use can add that final touch of character to any environment.

Concerning our history, we can confidently state that the Artists and Craftsmen of Spirito Artistico are recognized world-wide as preeminent creators of fine art and artistic crafts. Our sculptures, sculpted marble mantels, ornaments and architectonic details are made to the highest standards of beauty and quality, and are realized from the finest marble, granite and stone. Our paintings, frescoes, mosaics and inlaid works embellish and enrich some of the most prestigious buildings world-wide. We have provided fine art and artistic craftsmanship to many of the world’s Monarchs, several Presidents, and connoisseurs from all walks of life – all individuals who demand the very best and who repeatedly choose us to satisfy their most unique requirements. One such client, the Sultan of Brunei, often acquires our intricately inlaid tables and interior decorations. We have, furthermore, received a letter of thanks directly from Bill and Hillary Clinton for the inlaid floor crest made for a famous US military cemetery. We have sculpted the busts of all US Presidents (with the exception of Mr. Clinton who became President after we were commissioned to conduct this project) that are on display on Capital Hill, we have made finely sculpted fireplace mantels for ex US President George Bush. A faithful reproduction of an important 12th century inlaid floor for the British Royal Family – in Windsor Castle, was realized by us. Our Master Artist, Romano Stefanelli, realized a beautiful painting for NASA (“The Astronaut”) that can be seen in NASA headquarters. We have realized some of the most striking fresco art inside the famous Abbey of Montecassino, one of Italy’s largest religious structures and definitely one of the most applauded for its superb artistic content. One of the world’s largest low-relief sculptures, a 50 ton masterpiece, was realized by the sculptors of Spirito Artistico for North America’s largest Catholic Cathedral (the Basilica of Washington, D.C.). We have created the finest artworks and artistic crafts for a number of the Monarchies of the Middle-East. The mosaicists of Spirito Artistico have created mosaic reproductions of Michelangelo’s greatest masterpieces that he realized inside the Sistine Chapel. These mosaic artworks, in several cases, cover the entire façade of large buildings and required the use of thousands of colors of the finest Venetian glass and millions of tesserae. The list goes on and on…

Furthermore, we create many of our artistic works to the specific requirements of our clients. This is done by our realizing works directly from designs provided by the client, or by developing ideas that the client may have in mind. We also recreate artistic works from photographs and this, along with the other characteristics of creative flexibility and versatility mentioned above, permit us to satisfy our clients in the most profound and lasting manner.

By buying directly from the Artists and Artistic Artisans of Spirito Artistico you can have exactly what you want at prices that will make you wonder why you should wait any longer to have the best. Spirito Artistico is made up of an important number of the world’s preeminent creators of fine arts and crafts who offer their unique creations at a cost that will undoubtedly surprise you pleasantly.

Should you require any background information, we will be more than pleased to provide you with more details or to put you into contact with the local Chambers of Commerce and other official government bodies and private organizations that can attest to the highest standards of integrity and artistic virtue of our members.

We hope that we have been able to shed some light on exactly who we are and what we are dedicated to. If you have any need whatsoever of further clarifications or information, please do not hesitate to ask. We are at your complete disposal.

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